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So why did you become a Dj?

Dj Versatile TRD

dj versatile

Damn that's a good one. My aunt kept a lot of 4th of July backyard parties back in the day and the dj we had sucked so I said I will work save up and learn.  Well I use to go a lot of backyard events back in early college days and just started collecting music and told myself once I got to that comfort level I will start doing my own backyard parties. Started off with family and friends events and then that's was it from there. I always enjoyed music because of my dad RIP. He always had the stereo system on in the living room. He told me go for it so I did.


My journey to be in a DJ started with boredom. Had nothing to do when winter at my boy crib and started to play music. Didn't understand how to read the music bars that's when I went to seek help. After learning how to play the music properly and already having a musical library in my head it was not just time to practice. After my first party I enjoyed seeing people moving and swaying to the music I was playing, it actually calmed my soul. So I was 


Mr Lah

Mr Lah

As a young child my father would always play his vinyl records the entire weekend it seemed. So I grew up loving music and when I went to my first big Dance and saw what command of a crowd Rory(StoneLove) had. I was like this "right here" is it for me I want to do that. So I started collecting music and practicing and my father had a friend that just gave me his record collection. And after my first party(basement) seeing how people where enjoying themselves because of me. it was no stopping after that. So it became my drug of choice. For every emotion or feeling I would go through music calmed me kept me level. I just love it and how people enjoy it

Dj Billy Dee

First it’s in my family second very uplifting enjoy making people happy

Love to put message across to other people

Rhythem & Vibez

TrinStar D Mad Dj


My dad, then it’s was seeing the happiness on folks face when they hear their songs. And know I did that.

Dj TriniVibes

I started djing because music heal my soul and soothe my mind. Being an only child, I was very quiet and each of my family member in my house hold uncles aunts and granny, used to live their own genre of music and when they grew up and left my granny and I alone I took the love they had for music and I took a piece of each of them and listened music and ended up loving it. I used to tape my favorite songs when I heard them on the radio on a cassette and made my own mix tapes. One side I would have Soca , reggae dancehall and the other side freestyle , r&b and disco and others. Now fast forward to my early 20s way back lol, I met up with Keith in Baltimore and he actually had me played on his CDJ for the first time. From that moment of experimenting mixing music and letting the audience hear my musical story which led me to Dj-ing. I then started listening mixes from like Chinese laundry, dr Hyde ,Howie T , jazzy Jeff ect .Then fast forward , approximately 2011 I met Mr Lah from Lah entertainment crew, and he became like a motivator and a teacher for me to become a better DJ and he shared tips to me to become better.


Dj Whizz Kidd

Dj Whizz Kidd

I started Djing for the love and enjoyment of being able to explore, manipulate, and create unique experiences using music to trigger excitement and happy responses within myself and others alike. Knowing that it was the hard work and effort that I put into this art form would tap into people's endorphins, truly took me to a new high that I wanted to relive over and over again.

Dj Phokus

Early 90’s seen how our boy DJ Garth now goes by Dj FireFoosh moved the crowd at parties we (Mystic Ent) used to throw, plus my Dad always played music in house. So I became fascinated

Dj Phokus
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