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Mr Lah 

I was born in Manchester Jamaica where there was constant music around me, so it was inevitable for me to have it as a major part of my life. As a young man I played piano and drums and even sang lead in a church choir

I always had a fascination with Djs and how they had control of a crowd. My first real feeling of this is when some friends brought me to a club to watch Stone Love Sounds System play in Biltmore Ballroom in Brooklyn. After that night I left with a feeling like I’m going to do this. So I started by having a little sound system of my own with some friends called destiny Intl

   And that’s how it started. At first I played just reggae music, but then got introduced to Dj Spice who started me on scratching and learning how to better blend music instead of talking and dropping a song in. It became an obsession of mine to mix music so well that my audience would'nt really know when the songs or genre changed. This is also where my motto came from, “It’s All About Having Fun”. Because if you can’t enjoy it why do it. And your audience behave the same way. Once they parting and dancing their happy

I have a great love for music, if I don’t know it, then I will learn and not just learn but play them the right way. My music library is very extensive with any and every genre of music I have been introduced to over the years

The events I do, whether its Reggae, Soca, African, Hip Hop, or Old School, I hear the same thing, “where are you from”. Because I believe in studying and that I have more to learn. I’ve been asked may times what part of the genre respective countries do I come from. I constantly challenge myself to get better

I have been all over the USA to play music, for a time I was the selector for King Tubbis Hi Fi out of Chicago

Later on I decided I wanted to just be a Dj that makes people happy with music so I started L.A.H (Love All Humanity) Entertainment in 2000 with two of my best friends. And have enjoyed an awesome run of local and none local events. Music to me does so much for the mind and soul. No matter what mood you’re in there is music for that. The way I mix is because of my instrumental background. I love drums and rhythm of music. I Love to make different genres seem to work with each other through the beats of the drum and the tempo of the instruments. Now I own and operate an internet radio station called since 2012

I have been Djing from 1993 and as long as I can hear and play music I  will continue to make the people move and grove because after all "It's All About Having Fun

Mr Lah

Mr Lah

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