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Team DRoc

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Here it's simply about the enjoyment of music hence our Motto "Its All About Having Fun". We believe in good and positive energy which we do our best to keep up for you.
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versatiletrd show no time
Simmer Sundays
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Dj Versatile TRD and Cheeke
Mr Lah at work
Cheeke & Versatile
cheeke Sunday
Cheeke & Mr Lah
mr lah show
90's DH Mix2
Dj TrinStar 1
Cheeke and Dj Versatile
Mr Lah & Phokus
Tools of the trade
Dj Trinstar 2
SupaChuck & Deejay Tavee
Team DRoc
In The Mix
Dj Jemz & Mr Lah
Mr Lah & WhizzKid
Dj Phokus and Cheeke
Dj WhizzKid
Dj Massive Sounds
Dj Versatile and son
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DRocRadio Flag Logo Transparent 1.png
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